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The Scottish Peer Education Network offers links to an extensive resource library of research, manuals, toolkits and policy documents on a wide variety of issues surrounding peer education and working with young people. To search and explore this resource please select a topic and/or an additional search term.

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Comparing implementation intention interventions in relation to young adults' intake of fruit and vegetables


Behaviour Change at population, community and individual levels

J. Chapman, C.J. Armitage, P.Norman


The value of peer education

The Centre for Harm reduction, Burnet Institute


Knowledge, Skills, and Behavior Improvements on Peer Educators and Low-Income Hispanic Participants After a Stage of Change-Based Bilingual Nutrition Education Program


Peer Education in HIV/Aids - Past Experience Future Directions

National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction


HIV Risk Behaviour Reduction following Intervention with Key Opinion Leaders of Population: An Experimental Analysis

Daniel Wight


Behaviour Change: A Summary of 4 Major Theories

British Psychological Society Health Psychology Team: Susan Michie, Nichola Rumsey, Anna Fussell, Wendy Hardeman, Marie Johnston, Stanton Newman, Lucy Yardley

Improving Health: Changing Behaviour NHS Health Trainer Handbook

Tim Warren, Maire Johnston, Emma Hogg, Evie McLaren, Fergus Millan

Health Behaviour Change Alcohol, Obesity and Mental Health Improvement

Terry Taylor, Elena Serrano, Jennifer Anderson, Patricia Kendall

The Theoretical Base for Peer Education - Behaviour Change Theory

Ben Williamson

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